Pet Rabbit Care – A Brief Introduction

Your rabbit is a physically and psychologically complex creature. It ‘s essential for any person caring for a pet rabbit to make an honest and sincere attempt to understand the inner workings of their rabbit.
Every rabbit owner should have an understanding of:
– the basics of pet rabbit care
– what type of pet bunny is the right for you… hair length, size, colour. There are so many variables it is a good idea to think about you home and your family when deciding what type of bunny is right for you. If you have kids a larger bunny is usualy better… they are more sturdy and muscular and less likely to be injured by your child.

– which bunny breed is the one for you
– how to house your bunny… indoor or outdoor. You also must consider what type of “house” to give him… a hutch or a cage?
– what equipment you will need i. e. cages, litter boxes, food bowls, water bottles, hay rack
– how to properly groom your rabbit i. e. brushing his hair and clipping his nails
– what to feed your rabbit… store bought pellets or natural foods such as vegetables and fruits
– which foods you should only feed to your pet rabbit in small quantities to avoid him becoming obese
– how to keep you rabbit fit by exercising him properly
– how to spot and prevent common rabbit health problems.

There are so many minor health problems that can progress into much more serious conditions. You need to know what to look out for and what to do if your rabbit shows certain symtoms
– how to train you rabbit… your bunny CAN be litter box trained
– how to stop your bunny misbehaving
– how to interpret your pet rabbit’s body language so as to understand his needs and wants
– how to play and socialise with your pet bunny… without making the common mistakes that can frighten him From reading the above you can see there is a lot to consider and why it is so important to have a good understanding of pet rabbit care.

Pet Portraits – The Increasing Popularity of Painting Our Pets

Pet Portraits – how drawings and paintings of pets capture memories that live forever
Animals and humans have had a special relationship for some 10, 000 years since dogs were first domesticated. Animals have become like members of the family, loved ones who we care about and who each have their own individual personality.

As we love our pets so much as think of them in this way, it has become more and more common for people to commission art work to be done of their dog, cat, or other animal. The range of styles being used has also increased. Sketches were once the most popular type of portrait, but now people are turning more to watercolour paintings, oil paintings, and even abstract artwork (abstract art is a good way of capturing something special about the personality of your pet that may not be expressed in a sketch).
Oil Paintings
An oil painting is a great way to get a portrait of your pet in colour that can really look stunning and focus on the main features of the individual animal. Oil painting is a very old and classic technique that will often deliver the most beautiful results.
Sketches are a good way of really capturing the details of your pet’s face and individual features. This usually works well for close up portraits and allows you to really capture the individual personality, especially in the eyes. Sketches are commonly produced in black and white but can also look great in colour (consider this if, for example, you have a ginger cat).
Watercolour paintings
Watercolour is a great way of catching a good likeness of your pet and of the scenery around them. It is particularly good if you want the portrait of your pet to include a place they like to go, like their favourite field or the beach, because watercolour paintings can really make the landscapes look beautiful.

Abstract Art
With abstract art you never know what to expect. The portrait of your pet will largely be down to the artist’s impression, and sometimes the artist’s mood at the time the art is created. Abstract art is not always to everybody’s taste but it can prove to be a fantastic way of capturing a unique and fascinating insight into the personality of your pet. This is not a common choice of painting pets, but can sometimes produce the most amazing and interesting results.

Pet Portraits Painter Has Found The Small But Clever Tricks Necessary To Oil Painting

I have learned, when creating my pet portraits, that oil paintings have a luster and glow that cannot be equaled by other works of art. Place an oil painting next to a painting done with something like acrylics, and this will become easy to see. Here are some things you should know when doing oil paintings.
When creating an oil painting one should increase the proportion of oil for each overlapping layer of paint that one puts down. This is important because the lower layers of paint tend to leech the oil. Proper layering will decrease this effect and will decrease the chances of the oil cracking on the top layers of paint.

The drying time of oil is can be highly variable from one color to another color. Using a color like ivory black, for instance, will result in that particular oil drying slower than other colors. As silly as it sounds, one needs to actually ‘watch the paint dry’ to get an idea for this.
Linseed oil is a very valuable substance if you want your painting to dry properly and evenly. It is especially useful in the bottom layers of oil in your painting. Linseed oil has a tendency to to dry thoroughly and evenly.
You should know, however, that linseed oil is good for all oils. It can cause certain types of paint to turn a bit ‘yellow. ‘ So you should stay away from linseed oil if you are using lighter shades of colors.
You can speed up the drying time of your painting by mixing in the proper ‘ingredients. ‘ Pigments containing such elements as lead, cobalt and manganese, for instance, will speed up drying time considerably. You can also mix these pigments with various colors if you want a particular oil to dry faster.

And here’s a funny one that won’t occur to many people, if you dry your painting in the dark, a thin sheen of oil may rise to the surface. This will cause your painting to take on a yellowish tint. So you must leave the lights on when the oil in your painting is drying.There are other things you should be careful of when painting in oil, so the beginning artist must do thorough research before starting his work. Is your painting wrinkly, yellowed, sticky after a week, or even two, or (horrors) a month? Simply do a little research, and, like I do with my pet portraits, do another one.

Artists are now able to reach a national

When looking for original art or art prints today, the first thing to remember would be to make full use of the web. The web has completely changed the way in which we buy items, including art. Artists are now able to reach a national and even international audience where previously these were limited to finding buyers inside their local area. Similarly buyers trying to discover the perfect painting or screen-print can view and select from a massive selection online, and also this is to try and should start.

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There are lots of ways to buy art online, from eBay to Artists’ own websites. It all depends upon just what you are looking for. There are numerous options available, from an authentic oil painting of your own pet from your photo you supply, to mass produced art prints of any dog breed. Lets analyse the options further.

Your pet:

The first and most high-priced option should you really desire your personal dog in the art, as well as the most desired, is to come with an original oil or acrylic or watercolour painting commissioned. Normally this just necessitates that you give you a clear photograph of the pet to the artist, and choose which from the standard sizes you’re looking for. Note however that due to the time it takes to get a painting to be completed, plus allowing for paint drying time, an original painting may take weeks or months to accomplish.

The second option is to provide your selected photo to at least one from the “digital” art services, that will digitally filter and customize the photo so that it appears to have been painted. This is often not expensive but is normally unconvincing, and is also my least preferable option.

Generic dog art:

If you are not specifically looking for a painting or print of a specific dog including your own pet, but they are wanting for a particular dog breed and colour, your alternatives are greater. Many artists create paintings of several breed of dogs and likewise to selling the initial paintings to buyers, in addition they sell top quality prints of the paintings in a suprisingly low cost. Sometimes these prints are limited in number to ensure some exclusivity, but generally if you are looking for spectacular dog art a print is often your best option, and in some cases owners cannot believe your new puppy in the print is not theirs. The art is usually printed on top quality watercolor paper or canvas, and it is challenging to distinguish from an authentic. Some artists may even personalise printed with a particular pet name if requested.

Along with selling original paintings and prints some artists also sell other products which display their dog art images, for example clothing and t-shirts, coffee mugs, calenders etc. Exactly the same images they use for art prints are printed onto all manner of popular objects and clothing, and can be extremely popular gifts. Many artists offer this service on the websites alongside their original art and prints.


Using the vast choice available online today, you will be virtually guaranteed that the perfect dog art product are available. Should you be looking to get a cheap but good quality Dog Art print, try to find artists who offer reprints of their original dog paintings with a low cost.

PET Preform Moulding’S Demand and Uses in Plastic Bottles Manufacturing

PET preform moldings are much in demand as PET bottles are used extensively for various purposes. Although earlier this technology was limited to only the SIDEL Company of France and the KRONES Company in Germany, nowadays, it is not the case. Preform manufacturers can be found all over the globe and preform-mold of China is considered one of the leading PET preform mouldings manufacturers. The organization takes great pains in manufacturing preforms to the exact specifications of the client with all their demands for various grades and weights. To be efficient the PET preform molds must be of high quality and boast of precise weight. Only then the preforms will be used and be in demand nationally as well as internationally.

PET preform moldings are ideal for providing smooth products and are maximum in demand in the packaging industry. Blow moulds are necessary to turn the preforms into finished products and the injection stretch method is the best. Preforms should be durable and consist of accurate dimensions as otherwise the finished product will go haywire. They should possess high strength since they have to be reheated and should be energy efficient. SINOPK offers preform molding materials which require very low maintenance and come with a warranty. They also have a hot runner and the reliability of the moulds ensures high up time. The cavity to cavity variations are the lowest and the wall thickness is counted amongst the lowest.
PET preform moldings are used extensively in the manufacture of bottles. Bottles are something which is always in demand and PET bottles made out of preforms are used for variety of purposes. The bottles are used for mineral water, soft beverages, food and even non-food or drinks items. The PET bottles also come in mainly two types like the pressure bottle and the non-pressure one. The pressure bottle is used for carbonated drinks while the non-pressure bottles are used extensively by the mineral water manufacturers. Tea, oil, water, non-carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, medicinal drugs can be stored in non-pressure ones and even apart from food items, they come in handy for many other things. Body lotions, creams, shower gels, liquid soaps, liquid detergents and various other beauty products also make extensive use of PET bottles.
Preform Molds China by SINOPK use only high quality raw materials and the result is superior quality products which give great performance and last longer. A plastic closure mould has anti-corrosive properties and it requires negligible or very low maintenance. Being sturdy and stable, it is extremely durable and lasts a long time. The requisites of good preform material are that it should be free from impurities and be transparent.

PET preform moldings should be always sourced from trusted preform suppliers as in this the quality of materials used and the precise weight and dimensions have a tremendous impact on the finished product. And as is obvious, the end quality of products is what can make or mar a business!
To get a deep knowledge about preform molding process, please click here.

Pet Memorials Are a Great way to Memorialize Your Companion

Very few of us can truly thank the elite class for anything. It really is nothing private. They just dwell an existence the majority of us are not able to image, and a few of us could even harbor a secret touch of envy. Even so, there is a single purpose why we must be thankful. Without them, we wouldn’t have our beloved pets.

The origin from the pet might be traced back in historical past about 15, 000 many years but we must keep in mind that just as man was extremely various from today’s modern version, so was the pet. What exactly does that suggest? Well, how does having a large wolf to get a pet sound? Yes, historians broadly think the wolf became the world’s very first domesticated animal even though far from the kind that fetches or lies in laps. The initial domesticated animals were operating members from the human household and had to produce a living similar to everybody else by hunting and herding to bring considerably essential food to the dinner table, or more appropriately described, the dinner rock.
Enter the elite class. Since putting meals on their tables was not a problem, the ruling class began to breed dogs for companionship and not surprisingly, standing.
Quickly forward to modern occasions and just how factors have modified.
Right now, pets are for everyone in the elite for the commoners and all in-between. Our enjoy of animals is past description. Actually, you will find in excess of 77. five million canines and 93. six million cats while in the United states alone in line with the Humane Society. Their reputation is at record ranges as the core qualities of domesticated animals might be difficult at occasions to seek out in people-the gift of unconditional adore, loyalty and commitment.
In the course of their existence, our pets give us anything and in turn, we return the affection. So, once they leave the world, it shouldn’t be surprising that we are deciding on pet memorials to eternally honor them. Several pets have formal burials in among more than 500 devoted pet cemeteries across the nation. But admittedly, burials are turning into more and more hard as a result of expense, zoning laws and lack of accessible land.
That’s why pet cremation is swiftly rising. It’s eco-friendly, less expensive and avoids conflict with local laws. Even far better, there are a lot of possibilities to honor our fury pals. Take for example cremation urns. The urns are handmade from meticulously selected woods like oak, walnut and cherry. Also common is placing beautifully carved bronze statues on top of the urn to capture the distinctive partnership we share with them.

One more way to commemorate our pets who are no longer with us is by putting their cremated ashes or locks of fur in cremation jewellery. Also, memorial photographs are widely utilised to don’t forget our pets because they can be placed outdoors on a fence or beloved canine property or even a tree, as well as the picture will never ever fade or succumb to the components from the outside on account of the images are melted to the ceramic or porcelain base which makes them perpetually climate proof.
These of us who have had the privilege of possessing pets typically say they were similar to a family members member along with the only correction is that they have been a household member. Just because they loved us without having a doubt, we loved them the same way, too. And now we are able to honor their memory in a really worthy manner by choosing eternal memorials that preserve them with us for the remainder of our lives.

Pet Memorial Stones: In the Memory of Lost Pets

You have a pet and you want to keep it with you always. But destiny won’t allow the pet to live longer than its life. It has to die a natural death. But you can keep its memories alive with a memorial stone.
Dog is a faithful animal and a friend of mankind. It is for this reason that this animal is kept as pet at homes. People keep dogs to avoid seclusion and get a faithful bodyguard for their homes. And they love their pets so much they miss their pets even after the animals are no more.
Aggrieved pet owners want to keep memories of their animals alive by putting the pictures of the animals in their homes. Also they take advantage of an old service that is putting stones engraved with a message for deceased animals. Pet memorial stones service is an exclusive service for animal lovers. It provides people an opportunity to keep their animals alive in their memories.
Putting a small marble stone in at your home in the name of your beloved animal is a great way to console your grieving. It would vent your sorrow and make you happy again. You would be happy to see that the animal has been provided a place in your family. It was a family member and it is still considered a member of your family.
The stone should of any size depending upon your need. Also you can write any message on it. For instance it could have name of the animal with years it spent in your family. Also you could mention its activities that you like most. If you want, you can also paste its picture on the stone. And this service won’t cost you much.
€Pet memorial stones€ is an old fashioned service started for animal lovers. It is aimed at helping people relive their memories. If you had a dog or any other animal that has died and you are missing the animal then you give it a place in your memories. You could make a member of your family forever.

Visit pet memorial stones service and choose the best service provider. Order your stone for your animal and decorate it with a hearty message for the pet and its picture. Put the stone, where it remains visible. In this way, you can tell the world how much you loved your pet.Those, who love their animals, always want to keep memories of their pets at their homes. They frame pictures of their pets and put the pictures in their bedrooms. But putting pet memorial stones is the best way to show feelings towards animals.

Pet insurance savings

Most pet owners tend to spend lots of money on their pets. Perhaps driven by love, perhaps driven by marketing – who knows? But when it’s time to tighten up our purse strings, considerations also need to be taken regarding our furry little friends.
I would never suggest that you jeopardise the health of your pet regardless of the cost, but I must stress that this an often overlooked expense that something can be done about. For example, it is vital that your pet is properly vaccinated if they spend a lot of time outdoors getting up to all sorts of animal things.
Pet insurance is also a necessity. When it comes to pet insurance there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Unfortunately there is no obvious ‘best buy’ as the premiums depend on a range of variables such as the location of your residence, type of pet or species and age of the animal. Yet there are some simple rules that you can follow.
Think about how much your pets will cost you, the likely impact of vets’ fees and how you would react if they got ill and in the worst case scenario, were forced to pay medical fees or have them put down.
Vets’ fees are rising, so be aware of the real potential costs. Fixing a cat’s broken leg, for example, can cost 825. Surgery for a dog that has eaten something dangerous can cost 1, 500.
As well as vet bills, pet insurance covers all sorts of weird and wonderful eventualities; for instance, if your cat is stolen, some providers stump up the cost of advertising and a reward, or even cover the cost of your holiday if you can’t go because your pet’s not well.
What is not obvious however is that the veterinary prices can vary considerably from one vet to another? This is more than likely more than one vet, possibly even half a dozen within the vicinity that you live and so it makes sense to check out each of them for an idea of value for money.
While vaccination is a good start, unfortunate things can happen to your beloved pooch, kitten or even gold fish and as such, pet insurance is another no-luxury that you should shop around for.

With vet bills raising at a steady rate, this is something that is reflected in the range of pet insurance policies available. Most pet illnesses can of course be treated relatively easily these days although vets increasingly seem to be enjoying status approaching a par with plastic surgeons.Owning is a pet is becoming increasingly expensive. So unless you are prepared to pay for any treatments yourself, taking out pet insurance may be a sensible option, but do shop around for the most affordable vet before you need them.

Pet insurance: you can get one for your dog

Many people could not contemplate a life without their dog as they see them as more than a family member but as a regular companion that they may not have ever experience in another human being. Taking your pet out for a walk or for a simple game with the Frisbee can ensure a healthy workout for you and in the most enjoyable manner possible; your pet gives you silent company on lonely evenings and is more than happy to take a backseat when you are surrounded by your friends and family. Whatever the weather, your dog would follow you without even a whine but never as for anything other than you love in return.


Considering all these facets of a pet it is our duty to ensure that we try and show our pet some of the care and concern that they feel for us and dog insurance can be one of the best ways to show that we care. These policies provided by various pet insurance companies cover a wide range of services starting from accidents, serious illnesses and even routine health care for the pets. These dog insurance policies make it easy for the owner to look after their pet without any financial concerns bothering them.

Technology can be it’s own downfall sometimes and as medical treatment for pets improves, so does the cost and many treatments that are available now, which weren’t a few years ago, are very expensive. It is even now possible for certain pets to have transplants and even the likes of hip replacements which not so long ago were not even thought about. Just like people, dogs too can be prone to certain conditions and disease, some of which may be caused by genetic traits.

Many diseases that dogs are prone to suffer from do not happen until they reach middle age and of course by then, the dog is a member of a family and loved by everyone. This type of dog insurance plan does mean that providing health care for them does not become a matter of financial worry, frustration or even stress which is something some dog owners feel when it comes to paying out thousands of dollars for medical treatment. Keeping a dog healthy requires a bit more than just good food and a bath because regular checks by the vet can help remove unwanted and unhealthy parasites that all dogs carry as well as looking after their hearing and teeth.

Your dog health insurance plan will cover these costs and will make you sleep easy knowing that your beloved pet is looked after as well as the rest of your family. With all this, you and your dog should have a long life together. You may find that your local vet is the best person to ask about dog insurance as he probably has contact with many providers and can recommend an insurance company.

Pet Meds for Your Sick Cat

In many ways a cat is the perfect pet. Like any domesticated creature, of course, owning a pet is a lot of work, and personalities vary between individual animals just like they do between people.
But the ideal cat can satisfy all the common desires of having a pet while not being nearly as much work as even the most well trained dog. This isn’t to thumb a nose at man’s best friend of course, but it is common knowledge that cats are much more self-sufficient than dogs.

When you have a dog, even leaving them home alone for eight or nine hours while you are at work can give them separation anxiety. But with a cat they are much more likely to take this in stride. Sure, you won’t get that big slobbery kiss when you walk in the door, but you’ll still have a creature to sit with you on the couch while you relax and read the paper after work.
Of course cats are also much easier to housetrain. You don’t have to head out for a walk three or four times a day so that they can head the call of nature. You just scoop out the litter box every other day.
And cats can be just as loving and affectionate as dogs are. Still, even though cats can be less burdensome in many ways, they can still get just as sick as a dog does.
To take care of a cat they need regular visits to the veterinarian, and you absolutely need to make sure that if they are prescribed medicines that you administer them on a regular schedule.
It can be scary when a beloved pet gets sick, but it is important to stay calm and follow the directions given to you by your vet. Here is a quick primer on some common pet medications that you may encounter. This way you will have a better idea of what your vet is talking about should your feline friend fall ill.
Some Medications You may Encounter for your Cat
Just like people, cats suffer from allergies too. This can occur due to the seasons, dust in the house, genetic diseases, pollen in the air, and many more factors.
It is important to remember that no allergy medication is actually a cure for the disease. All they can do is treat the symptoms. Medications like Amitriptyline, Dexamethasone, Dexium, Prednisone, and Clemastine are examples of allergy medication for cats.
It can be terrifying the first time you see your pet have an epileptic seizure. The important thing is to stay calm and get them safely to the vet. Don’t panic, as there are plenty of treatments out there so that your cat can still live a happy and healthy life.
Gabapentin is one medication commonly used as an anticonvulsant for both cats and dogs. A vet may also prescribe it to treat chronic pain from surgery or an injury.
Most of the time when you hear your cat hacking and wheezing, they are just trying to get out a hairball. However, if your cat is chronically coughing, and you notice it is having trouble breathing, you want to get your pet to vet for a checkup. While more often than not it is nothing, it is still possible that your pet is suffering from feline asthma.
The AeroKat Feline Aerosol Chamber is an MDI Inhaler that can be used for feline asthma, bronchitis, and other breathing-related issues. It is crucial that when administering the inhaler you specifically follow the directions of your vet.
Cat Medications Heart / Blood Pressure / Respiratory
One of the keys to a happy and healthy pet is a good diet and exercise. You can’t just feed your cat table scraps and expect them to stay thin. Talk to your vet about the proper food you should be using, and keep them on a regular eating schedule. Also, while you can’t really take your cat for a walk, that doesn’t mean you can’t play with it around the house. That should help them keep in shape.
Even all the healthy eating and exercise in the world, however, can’t stay the tide on every heart, blood pressure, and respiratory problem. At some point you still might need to pay a visit to the vet. Some examples of common medications for these ailments include sprinonolactone, Plavix, Sotalol, Salix, Enalapril, Benazepril, Atenolol, and more.

It is important to never forget that the most important thing that you can give to your pet is love and attention. You spend your days and nights with them and you know more than anyone if something seems wrong. The best way to treat any illness is to get it taken care of as quickly as possible. After that, just make sure you follow your vets instructions to the €T. ‘